Approx. 50cm wide

Add character to your laundry.

Choose a suitable quote for your laundry.

The vinyl is removable yet durable.

If you have any decals in mind that you would like, please feel free to message us or email us

Laundry Decals

  • Applying labels

    All labels are made to be applied to flat, clean surfaces to ensure quality and life of labels.
    Clean surface with the alcohol wipe (provided) and wait till the surface is dry.
    Peel of white label backing.
    Use a ruler or a plastic scraper to press down label on to the surface, removing any bubbles.
    Slowly peel off the white transfer tape off the top of the label. 
    It is best if you leave the label on for 24hours before exposing decal to sun/rain - keeping it dry and clean, so the adhesive sticks properly. 

    Not suitable for rubber or silicone items.